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Scott Roulet
The Business Case for Sales Automation
This session was originally held at the Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS) November 15, 2017.Challenge: Is selling to highly specific prospects of interest to your advertisers? Is being the source for prospective buyers not just on your sites but across an entire vertical of interest to you and your sales team? Do you have the scale necessary to qualify with technology partners?

Solution: When combined, publisher consortiums establish collective reach, which creates significant opportunity to engage highly targeted audiences. By utilizing programmatic technology, yield management and 3rd party verified audience, a B2B publisher consortium can now efficiently maximize revenue while giving marketers the trust, transparency and accountability they require for their ad spend.

This session will clear up some of the common misconceptions about programmatic. Put aside fears of CPMs plummeting or the idea that programmatic is just for remnant inventory long enough to hear why programmatic can play a profitable role in your sales arsenal.


Originally aired October 24, 2017

The webinar, hosted by BPA Worldwide and PulsePoint, introduces the B2B Media Exchange. With a “How To” focus, it will guide both novices and experts through the implementation process. Webinar topics include:
• An introduction to the PulsePoint supply-side platform
• Publisher on-boarding process to include site categorization, brand safety guidelines and more
• Sales activation – Setting up Direct and In-Direct sales
• Reporting metrics