About the B2B Media Exchange
The B2B Media Exchange, by BPA Worldwide, is the only private marketplace made up of audited B2B sites. Click here to learn all about it.

About PulsePoint
PulsePoint offers buyers of BPA’s Private Marketplace quality audited audiences and an automated way to reach them.

Getting Started/Joining the B2B Media Exchange
The B2B Media Exchange empowers publishers with advertising automation solutions. Use the simple tools found here to add your brands today.

Market Categories Available
The B2B Media Exchange includes multiple market categories that cover the spectrum of B2B media.

Participating Media Brands
View a list of all brands currently participating.

Video Tutorials & Webinars
Access helpful video tutorials and webinars here.

News & Information
Access the latest news releases, industry-related articles and thought-leadership pieces here.

Glossary of Terms
Quick reference for those industry terms associated with the buying and selling of programmatic advertising (courtesy of the MRC).