BPA Worldwide, the global assurance provider, introduced the B2B Media Exchange, a programmatic publisher collective, to bring “go to market” opportunities to its publisher members. The B2B Media Exchange give participating publishers:

  • Increase digital ad revenue
  • Access programmatic buyers directly
  • Expose inventory to new customers
  • Achieve audience scale to attract top advertisers/agencies
  • Sell with no minimum inventory required
  • Include unsold inventory or direct sold
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Leverage enhanced data capabilities




The B2B Media Exchange provides access to demand from major trading desks, DSPs and brands, as well as guaranteed inventory sold by publishers. The platform enables diversified demand sources across a variety of screens and channels.


Why Participate in BPA’s B2B Media Exchange?

BPA has a trusted reputation for ensuring quality standards for advertisers in the B2B market place. In order to help drive its members’ success in the digital market, BPA will apply the same standards of quality and integrity to ensuring that their members follow the industry standards and will provide advertisers with a pool of audited B2B media inventory that is brand safe and effectively reaches their target audiences.

As a Phase Two initiative, BPA is also enabling its members to eventually transact with their direct advertisers in an automated fashion and will be developing a data cooperative with scale and enhanced insights as well. The core effort of the B2B Media Exchange is to help BPA members overcome the unique challenges B2B publishers have in a difficult to navigate and increasingly complex digital landscape. Publisher members can onboard into the B2B Media Exchange with no upfront capital to participate and can leverage the knowledge, technology and resources provided by BPA through the B2B Media Exchange. Publishers can then allow the supply-side platform (SSP) to monetize unsold inventory (meaning any ad impressions that are not monetized through a publisher’s direct sales effort), and in phase two, publishers can transact with their direct advertisers in an automated fashion. By allowing the SSP to sell the B2B Media Exchange inventory, we are exposing publisher inventory to new advertisers, via private exchange, and/or new programmatic advertising budgets and automated buying and selling from publishers with audited, verified inventory, creates 100% transparency between buyers and sellers, leading to more business and better relationships with advertisers.